• 100% ORGANIC CEYLON CINNAMON. Nothing but pure, organic Ceylon Cinnamon to deliver you a plethora of health benefits. It helps in maintaining cholesterol levels already within the normal range and supports well-balanced blood pressure and blood sugar levels in the body so you can do more and be more.
  • ULTIMATE METABOLISM SUPPORT. Our advanced formula from true cinnamon gives you the feeling of satiety and fullness resulting in reduced food cravings helping you achieve better weight management.
  • BOOSTS HEART AND BRAIN FUNCTION. Helps improve brain functions for clearer thought process and regulates blood flow for a healthy cardiovascular function.
  • LOADED WITH POWERFUL ANTIOXIDANTS that helps in reducing free radical damage and fight signs of aging. It also helps boost your overall health by improving your digestion and strengthening your body's immune system all year round.
  • SAFE AND NATURAL. Made from 100% Organic Ceylon Cinnamon from Sri Lanka that is Non-GMO and Gluten-free. Made in the USA, with each batch tested for safety and purity in a registered facility that adopts GMP guidelines. Order today and start your journey to a healthier life!