• THE PERFECT DUO. This all natural vitamin combines Vitamin D3 and K2 in powerful supplement to optimize nutrients delivery and absorption giving you maximum benefits in supporting immunity, bone strength and muscle functions.
  • HEALTHY HEART & STRONGER BONES. Keep your teeth and bones strong with our K2 & D3 Vitamins that ensure calcium is not just properly absorbed but effectively distributed where it needs to go which is essential in maintaining heart and bone health.
  • BOOSTS ENERGY AND MOOD. Ease occasional anxiety and stress and improve your mood without the nasty side effects. Our K2 + D3 also acts as a natural appetite suppressant to help you lose weight and keep you focused and alert throughout the day.
  • SUPERIOR ABSORPTION. Enhanced with Bioperine to maximize nutrient absorption which means you get more out of the nutrients that you consume. It also helps accelerate your metabolic rate by improving thermogenesis, helping you achieve a fitter physique.
  • SUNSHINE IN A CAPSULE. Taking our K2+D3 provides you the Vitamin D supplement you need without experiencing the heat of the sun. Made in the USA in a registered facility that adopts GMP to ensure quality & potency. Order yours today!