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  • ULTIMATE 15 DAY COLON CLEANSE. This gentle yet fast-acting formula is designed to get rid of harmful toxins and excess waste in your gut, improving your intestines' ability to absorb nutrients and jump-starting your weight loss.
  • OPTIMAL DIGESTIVE HEALTH. Assists in thoroughly eliminating toxins in your gut to support healthy bowel movement and alleviate bloating giving you a lighter and healthier feeling.
  • MAXIMIZES ENERGY AND WEIGHT LOSS RESULTS by efficiently cleansing your intestinal tract. Colon Cleanse effectively flushes out toxins and waste in your gut to help you achieve a flatter stomach and increased energy levels that will last throughout the day!
  • GENTLE YET FAST ACTING FORMULA that promotes internal cleansing as it contains a synergistic blend of probiotics, fibers, and natural herbs that are scientifically proven to intensify the detoxification process without causing damage in your gut.
  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS. Cleanse and improve weight loss and gut health with our natural ingredients such as Psyllium Husk Powder, Flaxseed and Licorice Root. Made in the USA in a registered facility that adopts GMP guidelines without the use of soy, GMOs, gluten or dairy. Clean your colon with ease so get yours today!