• ADVANCED D-MANNOSE CAPSULES. Revitalize your urinary health with our extra strength D-Mannose Formula that delivers 1350 mg per serving to support your digestive and urinary tract health.
  • SUPERIOR URINARY TRACT SUPPORT. Contains a synergy of premium herbs such as Hibiscus & Dandelion extract that help provide superior urinary tract function so you can feel and perform at your best every day.
  • SUPPORTS INTESTINAL HEALTH. Enhanced with Cranberry Juice Powder that contains polyphenols for urinary tract and bladder health. It is also rich in soluble fiber that helps support the balance of flora in your gut for better digestion and reduced constipation.
  • CLEANSE & DETOX. Our all natural blend of D-Mannose helps maintain a clean urinary tract and healthy bladder lining by flushing out impurities naturally and restore proper pH balance for overall health and wellness.
  • SAFE AND ALL NATURAL. Made with only the finest and natural ingredients in the USA at a GMP Certified Facility that is third party tested for purity and consistency. Order yours today and get what your body truly needs!